Mukunuwenna PIZZA ( Tortilla )

It’s Mukunuwenna PIZZA ( Tortilla ) baby..

Usually all the Jeew’s Kitchen recipes are easy to make and less time consuming. Todays’s plate eats bit of your time, but I would suggest it’s a worthwhile effort for a tasty and great looking dish!

In fact, I had to get help from my wife to prepare a good half of it.

DSC_7449What you need..
1. Chopped beef – try the red part, avoid ligaments
2. Mukunuwenna leaves – If you ask what Jeew’s favourite type of green leaves, it is Mukunuwenna by a big margin
3. 3 eggs

How you make it

1. Preparing beef – Cooking slow is the way to go. Cut the beef in to small pieces and boil it in very slow heat for at least 2 hours. Add a little pepper and vinegar. Keep it prepared and drain the water off.

2. Thoroughly clean Mukunuwenna ( best is to use some salt water ). Chop in to medium size and drain the water. Heat the pan and add 1 tea spoon of olive oil ( since you are not going to cook for a long time ). Put chopped onions, few cloves of garlic and ginger, let it heat up for 15 seconds before you add Mukunuwenna. Stir well and add some chopped green chillies ( Just the way you make an usual Mukunuwenna toss ) The entire cooking should’t exceed 5 mins, that is to preserve the nutrition and texture.

3. Beat 3 eggs in to a large bowl, add some salt. Now add the Mukunuwenna to it and mix well. This will give you a nice paste.

4. Heat a large circular shape pan. Add 2 tea spoons of butter. Pour the paste on to it, make the thickness even. Leave it for about 2 mins in low heat. Now place the beef pieces purposefully to distribute them all over the dough.

Now let it cook for about 10 mins, covered. You will know when to stop, when the egg turns the colour to golden yellow. Add some olives if you wish. Decorate it the way you want. Here we have used a Mukunuwenna branch itself, but make sure you don’t eat it raw!!

DSC_7463It’s a long recipe, but boy, isn’t it worth the try. As always with #‎jeewskitchen !!!

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