What makes a habit?

I was out from healthy eating for too long. A trip to Germany and Austria totally got me off my cooking habits. Further, some terrible bing eating ruined my ways. I am yet to call myself in again!

While contemplating, I came across an interesting podcast episode on “The Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vidanth (a must subscribe podcast by JK fans). It analyzed how a behavior becomes a habit.

The author comes up with this theory that habits as habit because we love them. And habits are the pathway with least resistance. Will power helps in short term but for the long run, you have to attach something you love with the habit you want to grow.

This totally did explain why I couldn’t eat healthy without blogging for you in JK. So let me start from the other end of the vicious cycle this time around.. Let’s have a test run, it starts from tomorrow. Await!

A bonus for my fans : https://podcasts.apple.com/lk/podcast/hidden-brain/id1028908750