What makes a habit?

I was out from healthy eating for too long. A trip to Germany and Austria totally got me off my cooking habits. Further, some terrible bing eating ruined my ways. I am yet to call myself in again!

While contemplating, I came across an interesting podcast episode on “The Hidden Brain” by Shankar Vidanth (a must subscribe podcast by JK fans). It analyzed how a behavior becomes a habit.

The author comes up with this theory that habits as habit because we love them. And habits are the pathway with least resistance. Will power helps in short term but for the long run, you have to attach something you love with the habit you want to grow.

This totally did explain why I couldn’t eat healthy without blogging for you in JK. So let me start from the other end of the vicious cycle this time around.. Let’s have a test run, it starts from tomorrow. Await!

A bonus for my fans : https://podcasts.apple.com/lk/podcast/hidden-brain/id1028908750

There is nothing like a new fan!

Hi all,

JK was dead, literally it was. I received so many complaints about my silence and it is so encouraging to see my fans are still relying on me.. To add on to this, getting a new fan while you are totally out from operations is an auspicious moment to resume blogging .. Thanks Rumesh for the inspiration.. I had to steal his FB post.. JK promises not to disappoint you in the times to come!

The dish today is ideal for your lunch. It is simple, healthy, delicious and cheap to make..

Screenshot 2018-07-29 10.17.10.png

What you need..

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JK gone traditional!


Don’t you ever think Jeews kitchen is all about contemporary food. We are open for any cuisine..

Today we go Sri Lankan and classic. And this is 100% JK approved too..

Embul Thiyal was a great way of preserving fish when refrigerators were not available. Now we have got means of freezing things, this has become a rare delicacy especially during festive seasons.

Few alterations had to undergo in the original recipe to get it through our rigorous guidelines.

  • We lowered the amount of salt used
  • Use of turmeric was limited compared to the traditional recipe

What you need..

  1. 500g Tuna fish
  2. 50g turmeric
  3. Curry leaves
  4. Usual spices

How you make it…

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JK goes Paleo…


Paleo is a big hit in all over the world now. I’m bit skeptical as to why it hasn’t reached us yet strongly? Perhaps, it is quite contrasty to our usual diet and no one wants to take the risk. But JK, as always are fond of risks. And here we go with our first paleo recipe ….

dsc_1132What is paleo?

“Homo sapiens”, that is you and me, have a long history as a species. Not as old as dinosaurs, but 200,000 years, give or take! But it hasn’t been long that we decided to grow our own crops and process them from head to toe. Though we have changed culturally, our physiology (the way body works) mostly remained the same. Our life style also changed; We became sedentary and lazy, adding a double burden to the already messed up physiological processes.

As in everything else, “OLD IS GOLD”! Paleo or Paleolithic diet is what the cavemen ate. They didn’t have processed starches or sugar. Almost everything was picked from the woods. ( Paleo is not necessarily starch or sugar free, but most dishes are very low in starch)

So let us revive back and consume the food that our physiology is cable of handling!  Continue reading “JK goes Paleo…”

Amazed by legumes…

At Jeew’s Kitchen, we encourage the use legume as a main ingredient often! Whilst legumes could be very nutritious, it has proven to be such a palatable one too over the culinary adventures of the past year at our kitchen!

Where we become unique in using legumes are when we serve / mix them with regular curries and popular day-today dishes. It was rather disheartening how unfair we have treated legumes in our customary eating practices by only complementing with coconut scrape and Lunu Miris! My rice challenge has inspired few so far; all I say it to try two consecutive rice meals only with coconut scrape and lunu miris.. Give a shy if you doubt!

Now legumes are indispensable with JK, here are some important facts. Hopefully they will further improve your impression of this super ingredient!  Continue reading “Amazed by legumes…”

JK Specials : 2 – The ultimate supermarket challenge…


Try eating out your breakfast in the town side. Not the easiest to find anything at least closely healthy huh ? I was traveling early in the morning and wanted to take the challenge of sorting out a JK approved meal from the super market.


Wanted to keep the budget below Rs. 200. I didn’t have much equipment either. If you have visited a 7/11 abroad you may know the wide variety of healthy, easy to use and cheap food items available. But not so much in SL. Until the supermarkets figure out that there is a demand, I decided to make my own…

What I bought from the super market..

  1. 45g packet of burnt cashew nut
  2. A yogurt – I tried blueberry & strawberry favored (way too sweet to my taste)
  3. An green appleUntitled 9.001.jpeg


How I prepared it inside my car…

  1. I was lucky that there at least was a broken lunch box.
  2. Didn’t have a knife. So had to use a tea spoon to cut the apple!
  3. Mix them all and damn its just delicious!!

The next time you are on the move, try different varieties of this recipe.. Good luck fans!