Sausages in Cowpea dough 

Hi fans,

Now we have moved to the website it’s becoming a bit difficult to track your involvement.. Let me figure a way out soon.

Today’s dish is another legume adventure! White cowpea is my second favorite legume next to Mung.

In Jeew’s kitchen we want you to make things out of leftovers. You can make this dough from the white cowpea left from the breakfast.

What you need..

1.  100g of boiled white cowpea

2. 6 sausages (our choice starts from a name of an animal)

3. 2 eggs

How you make it..

Heat a pan and add some butter. Meantime, blend the cowpea together with 2 eggs. Pour it to the pan and splash some spring onions on the top. When the dough is in the making, cut the sausages in to two half a across the  length.  Place them orderly on the dough. Cook in gentle heat for at least 5 mins until you turn the side.

So our fans are all set to go with the cowpea dough with sausages in #jeewskitchen style..

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