Fish with Mukunuwenna –  a simple delight

Hey fans,
When you have to rush, spending time on cooking is simply impossible. But it doesn’t mean that you need to eat some unhealthy junky on the way!
#jeewskitchen always finds you solutions for your food issues..
Tonight’s meal is fish curry with Mukunuwenna. Don’t get carried away with the simplicity, this dish tastes delightful!
DSC_7749What you need…
  1. Tuna (Kelawalla) fish 150g
  2. Mukunuwenna
  3. 2 slices of bread (of course, you can always omit this)
  4. 50ml full cream fresh milk

How you make it..
  1. The trick here is the way you cook the fish, to make it to complement with Mukunuwenna. Not most of our folks eat green leaves with bread, but give a try this time. Cut tuna fish in to pieces of the size of your little finger ( mine is not that long ). Heat the pan, add some coconut oil. Immediately add chopped garlic and onions. Before two mins pass, add the fish on the pan, evenly distribute. Don’t stir, leave it covered and cook in medium heat for about 5 mins. Now add few pieces of tomato and green chillies. Time to add, salt, cinnamon powder, curry powder and chilly flakes. Stir well but make sure not to break the fish cubes. Just as you feel the fish is cooked adequately, add 50ml of full cream fresh milk. Cook for less than 3 mins. Switch off the cooker and splash some lime juice..
  2. It’s not a new to our fans the way we cook Mukunuwenna.. Here is the link
  3. Make some bread crumble to make this dish filling.
DSC_7754-EditIt’s all done.. Enjoy this simple delight even on the go..

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