Hi Fans,
At Jeew’s kitchen, we do legumes and fish. In addition, we make sure that our plates are comparatively cheap to make!

Salaya fish is a very nutritious, tasty and freely available type of fish in our country. But it is such a pity to see the myths and practices attached to this versatile type of fish..

DSC_7605-EditWe, at Jeew’s kitchen decided to experiment a little with it, and we did well this time. If someone wants to name this dish, you are very welcome..

What you need..
1. 200g of Salaya fish
2. 200g of Mung beans
3. 2 eggs


DSC_7588-EditHow you make it..

1. Boil the mung beans in a rice cooker for at least 3 whistles. Don’t drain it..

2. Cook Salaya the usual curry style. Add less salt since we will be adding more salt later. Use a desert folk and carefully separate the flesh part from the bone. Salaya bones are small, so if you cook well, there won’t be much of an issue leaving some behind to make it crunchy. Try your best to get as much as clean fish.

3. Beat 2 eggs to a large bowl. Add Boiled mung beans with the water. Add Salaya fish and mix it well. Add some salt, pepper, chopped garlic and onions.

4. Get a flat pan heated. I have used a steak pan to give some texture as you may see in pics. Add 2 tea spoons of butter and let it distribute evenly. Pour the mixture carefully on to the pan in the shape you like. Cook for about 15 mins in medium heat until you turn the side. Alternatively, you can bake this at 220C for 20 mins..
All set to go, enjoy your, “Salaya and Mung ****” in ‪#‎jeewskitchen‬ style.. Please suggest a name.. The winner will get a free dinner from Jeew’s kitchen, no kidding..

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