Pork steak with beat root

Hi all,
Had bit of a busy time. Have you been missing Jeew’s kitchen?

Ok, pork steak for dinner tonight..
Pork is an arguably one of the tastiest meat items ever, and falsely categorized as unhealthy for many anecdotal evidence!!
In Jeew’s kitchen, meat is always coupled with some great looking a veggie item that can be found easily in the local market .. So I chose beat root tonight. Beat root is another tasty veggie falsely considered unhealthy. But both the items tonight, in moderation are an amazing combo to make you taste buds happy..

DSC_7503-EditWhat you need ..
1. Two pork chops. Try to get lean part – the red part more
2. Beat root with leaves


How you make it ..

One of the most important type of cooking pan you need in the kitchen is a steak pan! That will allow an even cooking and won’t make your meat burn ( that’s unhealthy – according to WHO)

Marinate pork with garlic, pepper, lime, salt and bit of coconut oil for at least 1 hour! Get your steak pan and add some butter. When heated , add chops and slowly cook for 30 mins. Both sides. When you feel the firmness similar to the feel of your nose, it’s time to take it off. This is not hard as it sounds ..

Now cut the beat root in to cubes. Leave the leaves as they are. Add some water( one cup) to a heated pan. Put the cubes and let it boil for 10 mins. Leave the lid open. Now add the leaves. Add 1 tea spoon of milk powder with another cup of water. Cook for 4 mins. You can see the juicy red curry in the making..
So it’s all done, arrange the plate nicely and you are set to go.. Have a fun filled Friday evening in ‪#‎jeewskitchen‬ style..

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