Dhal gets a new meaning with us!! 

Hey fans,

At Jeew’s kitchen dhal is not limited to be consumed  with rice or bread. Perhaps, dhal is the only legume Sri Lankans use in adequate quantities frequently! 

Dhal is seldom recognized as a legume locally. We decided to give it a new value preposition with this easy to make dish. 

What you need..

1. 100g fish

2.  50g dhal

3. Some spinach

How you make it..

1. If you know how to make a regular dhal curry, that’s all you need to know. Try to go with less spices and salt since we will not have any starch item to accompany. Add some spinach leaves in the end and cook for less than 5 more mins.  

2. Heat a pan with coconut oil and add some garlic and clove. Cut fish in to small cubes and add them evenly on the pan. Cook for about 10 mins. 

3. Add it to the dhal curry and stir well. Add some lime.  

There you go. The simplest dish ever on #jeewskitchen!! 

Nelum Ala – a great match for anything!

Hey guys,

This dish I did few weeks ago had gone missing from my library, until I found it today and decided to share it with you. Nelum Ala, is a versatile ingredient. It is tasty, nutritious with a lot of fibre and gives an appealing texture to your food plate!

There are some concerns about the contamination of water tanks with heavy metals and accumulation in Nelum ala. Until substantial research is available I decided not to discard this wonderful vegetable found everywhere in the country for a very cheap price. Besides, don’t we always eat veggies contaminated with massive amounts of pesticides and insecticides?


My combo for today is with chicken and carrots. The purity of Nelum ala makes it a great match with any meat item.

What you need..

  1. 150g Nelum ala
  2. 1 chicken leg
  3. 50g carrot

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Mukunuwenna PIZZA ( Tortilla )

It’s Mukunuwenna PIZZA ( Tortilla ) baby..

Usually all the Jeew’s Kitchen recipes are easy to make and less time consuming. Todays’s plate eats bit of your time, but I would suggest it’s a worthwhile effort for a tasty and great looking dish!

In fact, I had to get help from my wife to prepare a good half of it.

DSC_7449What you need..
1. Chopped beef – try the red part, avoid ligaments
2. Mukunuwenna leaves – If you ask what Jeew’s favourite type of green leaves, it is Mukunuwenna by a big margin
3. 3 eggs

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Fish with Mukunuwenna –  a simple delight

Hey fans,
When you have to rush, spending time on cooking is simply impossible. But it doesn’t mean that you need to eat some unhealthy junky on the way!
#jeewskitchen always finds you solutions for your food issues..
Tonight’s meal is fish curry with Mukunuwenna. Don’t get carried away with the simplicity, this dish tastes delightful!
DSC_7749What you need…
  1. Tuna (Kelawalla) fish 150g
  2. Mukunuwenna
  3. 2 slices of bread (of course, you can always omit this)
  4. 50ml full cream fresh milk

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Pork steak with beat root

Hi all,
Had bit of a busy time. Have you been missing Jeew’s kitchen?

Ok, pork steak for dinner tonight..
Pork is an arguably one of the tastiest meat items ever, and falsely categorized as unhealthy for many anecdotal evidence!!
In Jeew’s kitchen, meat is always coupled with some great looking a veggie item that can be found easily in the local market .. So I chose beat root tonight. Beat root is another tasty veggie falsely considered unhealthy. But both the items tonight, in moderation are an amazing combo to make you taste buds happy..

DSC_7503-EditWhat you need ..
1. Two pork chops. Try to get lean part – the red part more
2. Beat root with leaves


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Hi Fans,
At Jeew’s kitchen, we do legumes and fish. In addition, we make sure that our plates are comparatively cheap to make!

Salaya fish is a very nutritious, tasty and freely available type of fish in our country. But it is such a pity to see the myths and practices attached to this versatile type of fish..

DSC_7605-EditWe, at Jeew’s kitchen decided to experiment a little with it, and we did well this time. If someone wants to name this dish, you are very welcome..

What you need..
1. 200g of Salaya fish
2. 200g of Mung beans
3. 2 eggs


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