JK Specials – Fishing in the centre

Hey fans,

All your JK recipes are prepared with best quality ingredients, especially the fish that we use so often! Few of my beloved fans who met in person recently inquired how I choose and buy fish.. There is no other place but the Central Fish Market in Peliyagoda for this purpose.. I was not prepared with my imaging equipment for this visit, so please bare with the poor quality of images


Peliyagoda Central Fish Market (PCFM) is just 30 mins away from JK headquarters ( through the Kadawatha highway). You will find this challenging, but contrary to common opinion of it being a sticky and crowded place, JK was surprised to see quite the opposite in all the three recent visits. Here are my tips of fish shopping in PCFM.

  1. How you find it..

Easy. Paste the following link on to your google maps.


For those who hate to use smart phones other than to take calls and send SMSs; Take the first exit of the Katunayake Expresswayt to Meegahawatta. Market is on to your left. It’s huge, you should not miss it..


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Beloved fans, JK has to come with a schedule for posting. Recent inconsistencies were rather criticized by many of my loyal fans. So we will be publishing on every Saturday and Wednesday from here onwards.

This dish for my vegetarian fans (Or Bijutarian)! Mushrooms are such a nutritious and tasty ingredient, used often as a filler with many dishes. But today, our main ingredient is some oyster fungi.. You may use your favorite type!!


What you need..

  1. 100g oyster mushrooms
  2. 2 eggs
  3. Lettuce

How you make it..

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Peas of peace..

Hey fans,

We have got bored with our usual legumes, haven’t we? This type of pea is something we try seldom, mainly due to its unpopular nature. But lately I realized it is one of the tastiest and healthiest yet underrated type of legume that JK should try more often.. Here comes green pea!

As always, we recommend legumes with a curry. There is nothing more matching than a chicken winglet stew with soy sauce.

dsc_9245What you need…

  1. 100g green pea
  2. 150g Chicken winglets

How you make it..

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Your healthy pancake alternative…

JK fans,

I know that pancakes are one of your favorites! Mine too.. But thats a lot of starch, so against the JK philosophy! I gotta come up with a replacement, and here it is. I bet that this tastes equally good if not better than a regular pancake.

Fruits are not something we Sri Lankans add much in to our breakfasts. Some habits are gotta go. I do not have a politically correct alternative for that in this case! What go on this dish are papaw and orange, one of JK’s favorite combinations.


What you need..

  1. Two eggs
  2. 1/4 orange
  3. Medium size slice of papaw
  4. 1/2 yogurt
  5. 20g Cashew nut

How you make it…

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Jeew’s Kitchen is back with a Tuna salad!

Hi fans,

My apologies for being a total … by not showing up for several weeks. I was deeply inspired by few recent efforts of my beloved fans to prepare some of my recipes and post them on the FB page! Now I have no escape, but only to return back to the kitchen. One things for sure is, getting back to an old habit is not as easy as it looks. So you’d better make sure that breaking a good habit is the last thing when it comes to healthy living.

But on the flip side, I learned few new tricks of eating healthy whilst not depending on your own cooking! Hope to share some of my endeavours in the near future…

Let’s see what my come-back salad is. (There is nothing simpler than a healthy salad for a come-back)

What you need

  1. 250 g Tuna fish
  2. 100g chickpeas (I used the morning’s left over)
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Celery
  5. 25g Cashew nut
  6. 1 salad cucumber


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Tortilla continues..

We are famous for Tortillas, delicious ones of course !  Today’s dish is a simple one, easy to make, yet so rich in taste and texture..

Jeew’s kitchen has unfortunately been limping lately, and I hope to go this way for few weeks until I sort some of my academic work.. Guess my fans will have enough patience with me..

What you need..

  1. 50g Tuna fish
  2. 50g broccoli
  3. 2 Eggs


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Jeew’s kitchen is famous for strange combinations. But today’s dish isn’t crazy as it sounds!! Benefits of beans are two fold, both as a veggie and as a legume. Add tuna fish to that, you get a filling and easy to make dish in few mins..

What you need ..

  1. 100g of beans 
  2. 100g tuna fish

How you make it..

It cannot be simpler. Cut the beans in to medium size pieces and Tuna to cubes of about 2 cm! Now don’t look for the measuring tape! 

Heat the pan with coconut oil. Add garlic, onions, cinnamon powder,cardamom and cloves. Add tuna and splash some pepper and salt.. Wait till the fish is properly cooked. 

Now add beans, keep it covered for 10 mins. Add 1/2 cup of fresh milk. Keep for another 5 mins..

All done. Didn’t I say it’s so simple? But no means it is in taste. All the spices you’ve added must bring some complex Oriental delight to your taste buds. 

Have fun with #jeewskitchen 

An absolute mix!


Today’s dish is all about a not so familiar combination. But the least they are alike, diverse the taste gets! This meal consists of two plates. Fish curry and a veggie mix.

I know this comes after almost a week of a silence. Was busy with a rare occasion where I am involved with some ‘academic work’!

Absolute mix 1What you need..

  1. 100g Tuna ( Kelawalla)  fish – Sri Lankan tuna is far superior in taste and nutrients than Tuna found in mediterranean. So visit the local Malu kade often!
  2. 50g cauliflower – Price is dropping these days. It was expensive than gold a few weeks ago.
  3. 50g purple cabbage – I love this veggie. It gives not only a unique colour to your plate, but also has many health benefits.

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Dhal tortilla with spicy chicken – lets party tonight!

Hi fans,

How’s your weekend doing? If you were under the impression that #jeewskitchen is only for your regular meals, this dish today could change it!

This is our second Tortilla. Remember the Mukunuwenna one? It was an instant hit!!

What you need.. (This dish is for four. Hope you can do your calculations accordingly!)

  1. 8 eggs
  2. 50g dhal
  3. few leaves of spinach
  4. 200g chicken breast
  5. 50g mung sprout
  6. 30g mozzarella cheese

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