JK goes Paleo…


Paleo is a big hit in all over the world now. I’m bit skeptical as to why it hasn’t reached us yet strongly? Perhaps, it is quite contrasty to our usual diet and no one wants to take the risk. But JK, as always are fond of risks. And here we go with our first paleo recipe ….

dsc_1132What is paleo?

“Homo sapiens”, that is you and me, have a long history as a species. Not as old as dinosaurs, but 200,000 years, give or take! But it hasn’t been long that we decided to grow our own crops and process them from head to toe. Though we have changed culturally, our physiology (the way body works) mostly remained the same. Our life style also changed; We became sedentary and lazy, adding a double burden to the already messed up physiological processes.

As in everything else, “OLD IS GOLD”! Paleo or Paleolithic diet is what the cavemen ate. They didn’t have processed starches or sugar. Almost everything was picked from the woods. ( Paleo is not necessarily starch or sugar free, but most dishes are very low in starch)

So let us revive back and consume the food that our physiology is cable of handling! 



What you need….

  1. 200g of lean pork
  2. 50g – oyster mushrooms
  3. 50g – Potatoes
  4. Few olives

How you make it…

This is mostly a baked dish. I believe cavemen had mean of baking back then!

  1. Cut lean pork in to 2″ pieces. Marinate them with 1 tsp of salt, pepper, curry powder, cinnamon and vinegar. (If you wanna argue whether spices are paleo, they are not, but we are way ahead in the evolution, and are capable of making the food tastier) 
  2. Cut potatoes in to thick slices. Keep them soaked in salty water for few mins. Do not peel. The peel gives you the classic paleo feel. And it’s tastier too!
  3. Marinate mushrooms with some salt and pepper.
  4. Now that all the ingredients are ready, pre-heat the oven to 200C for 5 mins.
  5. Baking pork takes almost twice as long as potatoes or mushrooms. So you can save time by baking potatoes and pork together for some time then putting mushrooms to the place of potatoes in the midway.
  6. The whole baking process would take about 40 mins. Keep the oven lid open in the last 5 mins to make it dry and crispy. You may add a bit of margarine if you are not so strict about this being 100% paleo certified!
  7. Add few pitted black olives and you are ready to go.

Await for my article on “Why paleo is great for health” in few days.. You will be amazed to see what impact this concept has made in culinary circles lately!

Hakuna Matata…