This is for the party heads!

Fans, New year partying has arrived.. You got no escape from ruining your hard toned abs with crazy binging? JK has a solution, ‘Make the partying in JK style’!

While we do not advocate alcoholic beverages, this could be considered a healthy bite item for the ones who cannot resist..


What you need..

  1. Thalapath fish 300 g
  2. 20 g Cowpea
  3. 20 g dried dhal
  4. Kang Kung

How you make it..

  1. Cut fish in to long rectangular cubes. Marinate it with garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper. You may add a bit of lime to get the edge. As you know, we do not make any restrictions. Your taste buds deserve as much as your imagination can wander!
  2. Deep fry fish in coconut oil. Contrary to popular practice, take it out before it turns golden to preserve to juiciness.
  3. Fry the boiled cowpea in the same pan. As always, I have used morning left overs here!
  4. Add a tea spoon of butter to a large pan. Add some onions, garlic and curry leaves. Put the fired fish and Hang Kung in to it. Spray the fried cowpea and fried dhal on to it.

You are all ready to go.. Enjoy the new year party in a responsible manner!