JK Specials : 2 – The ultimate supermarket challenge…


Try eating out your breakfast in the town side. Not the easiest to find anything at least closely healthy huh ? I was traveling early in the morning and wanted to take the challenge of sorting out a JK approved meal from the super market.


Wanted to keep the budget below Rs. 200. I didn’t have much equipment either. If you have visited a 7/11 abroad you may know the wide variety of healthy, easy to use and cheap food items available. But not so much in SL. Until the supermarkets figure out that there is a demand, I decided to make my own…

What I bought from the super market..

  1. 45g packet of burnt cashew nut
  2. A yogurt – I tried blueberry & strawberry favored (way too sweet to my taste)
  3. An green appleUntitled 9.001.jpeg


How I prepared it inside my car…

  1. I was lucky that there at least was a broken lunch box.
  2. Didn’t have a knife. So had to use a tea spoon to cut the apple!
  3. Mix them all and damn its just delicious!!

The next time you are on the move, try different varieties of this recipe.. Good luck fans!