Your healthy pancake alternative…

JK fans,

I know that pancakes are one of your favorites! Mine too.. But thats a lot of starch, so against the JK philosophy! I gotta come up with a replacement, and here it is. I bet that this tastes equally good if not better than a regular pancake.

Fruits are not something we Sri Lankans add much in to our breakfasts. Some habits are gotta go. I do not have a politically correct alternative for that in this case! What go on this dish are papaw and orange, one of JK’s favorite combinations.


What you need..

  1. Two eggs
  2. 1/4 orange
  3. Medium size slice of papaw
  4. 1/2 yogurt
  5. 20g Cashew nut

How you make it…

  1. Chop cashew nuts in to medium size pieces. Not too small, you want to feel the crunch. dsc_9215
  2. Break two eggs to a bowl. Add 1/2 cup yogurt. Squeeze 1/4 orange. Add the chopped cashew nut. Beat it well..
  3. Heat  a pan with coconut oil. Pour the mixture. Be careful not to spill, as this is more watery than a regular pancake mix.
  4. The trick is “very very low heat”. If your pancake is made before 15 mins goes, you have to lower the heat a lot more.
  5. Gently flip the pancake. It’s very fragile.
  6. Peal the papaw and cut in to squares.dsc_9225The plate is ready. You may be so gentle to this delicacy while eating too..