Jeew’s Kitchen is back with a Tuna salad!

Hi fans,

My apologies for being a total … by not showing up for several weeks. I was deeply inspired by few recent efforts of my beloved fans to prepare some of my recipes and post them on the FB page! Now I have no escape, but only to return back to the kitchen. One things for sure is, getting back to an old habit is not as easy as it looks. So you’d better make sure that breaking a good habit is the last thing when it comes to healthy living.

But on the flip side, I learned few new tricks of eating healthy whilst not depending on your own cooking! Hope to share some of my endeavours in the near future…

Let’s see what my come-back salad is. (There is nothing simpler than a healthy salad for a come-back)

What you need

  1. 250 g Tuna fish
  2. 100g chickpeas (I used the morning’s left over)
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Celery
  5. 25g Cashew nut
  6. 1 salad cucumber



How you make it..

  1. Preparing tuna is the trick here. Try to buy the freshest possible, Peliyagoda central fish market is the best place to buy cheap and fresh fish. (Will post a review and tips on buying fish from the central fish market soon).
  2. Chop the tuna in to small stripes. Marinate for at least 15 mins with 2ml ginger, pepper powder and a pinch of salt.
  3. Heat a pan with some coconut oil and add tuna. Leave the lid on for roughly 10 mins. Make sure you don’t fry it, leaving the lid on will preserve the moisture.
  4. Cut salad cucumber and tomatoes int0 the size and shape of your liking.
  5. Mix all the ingredients. Add some pepper / salt; 1 tsp of olive oil; 1/2 lime…

All ready to go… Enjoy this delicious salad for your dinner tonight.