Tortilla continues..

We are famous for Tortillas, delicious ones of course !  Today’s dish is a simple one, easy to make, yet so rich in taste and texture..

Jeew’s kitchen has unfortunately been limping lately, and I hope to go this way for few weeks until I sort some of my academic work.. Guess my fans will have enough patience with me..

What you need..

  1. 50g Tuna fish
  2. 50g broccoli
  3. 2 Eggs


How you make it..

Boil both the fish and broccoli separately. Add a little salt and pepper. Boiling brocolli is a skill, our fans must be pretty capable by now after following many of the complex recipes in their own kitchens!

Mash Tuna into small pieces. You can cut broccoli again to tiny peices so you can add it to our favourite food type, ‘Tortilla’

Beat two eggs to a bowl, add both Tuna and broccoli. Add salt and pepper to your taste. I must admit that I just screwed up today’s meal by adding too much salt. Hanse a  word of caution to by beloved fans!

Heat a pan with 2 tea spoons of butter. Add the mixture to the pan. Cook for 10 mins, covered. You can flip it or bend it from the middle to get this crunchy looks..

There you go.. This is not just another tortilla.. This is the one and only #jeewskitchen “Broccoli & Tuna tortilla”

Yum Yum..