Jeew’s kitchen is famous for strange combinations. But today’s dish isn’t crazy as it sounds!! Benefits of beans are two fold, both as a veggie and as a legume. Add tuna fish to that, you get a filling and easy to make dish in few mins..

What you need ..

  1. 100g of beans 
  2. 100g tuna fish

How you make it..

It cannot be simpler. Cut the beans in to medium size pieces and Tuna to cubes of about 2 cm! Now don’t look for the measuring tape! 

Heat the pan with coconut oil. Add garlic, onions, cinnamon powder,cardamom and cloves. Add tuna and splash some pepper and salt.. Wait till the fish is properly cooked. 

Now add beans, keep it covered for 10 mins. Add 1/2 cup of fresh milk. Keep for another 5 mins..

All done. Didn’t I say it’s so simple? But no means it is in taste. All the spices you’ve added must bring some complex Oriental delight to your taste buds. 

Have fun with #jeewskitchen