An absolute mix!


Today’s dish is all about a not so familiar combination. But the least they are alike, diverse the taste gets! This meal consists of two plates. Fish curry and a veggie mix.

I know this comes after almost a week of a silence. Was busy with a rare occasion where I am involved with some ‘academic work’!

Absolute mix 1What you need..

  1. 100g Tuna ( Kelawalla)  fish – Sri Lankan tuna is far superior in taste and nutrients than Tuna found in mediterranean. So visit the local Malu kade often!
  2. 50g cauliflower – Price is dropping these days. It was expensive than gold a few weeks ago.
  3. 50g purple cabbage – I love this veggie. It gives not only a unique colour to your plate, but also has many health benefits.

I am planning to write a post on nutritional benefits of the ingredients used at Jeew’s Kitchen soon, await!

How you make it..

Dish 1 (Fish curry)Absolute mix 3

  • Tuna has it’s unique taste. Spoil it with so much spices, you destroy the real value. Add some coconut oil to a pan, temper those tuna cubes, onions and garlic for about 4 mins. Add a tinge of salt, pepper and turmeric. Pour 1/2 cup of fresh milk. Add some green chilli and tomato, not more than 2 mins before you switch the heat off.

Dish 2 ( Veggie mix) Absolute mix 2

  • Making cauliflower is easy, but it gets tricky if you wanna preserve the texture. Over-cooking will make it taste boring. Heat a pan add half tea-spoon of oil, add fairly large pieces of cauliflower. Keep covered for 2 mins. Add a 1/2 cup of water. Some pepper and salt too..
  • Purple cabbage doesn’t take much time to cook. Cut it in to moderate size pieces and add to the boiling cauliflower and mix well. Keep it covered for about 5 mins.

You are all set to go. You may present them as two separate plates as I have done in this case or together!