Dhal gets a new meaning with us!! 

Hey fans,

At Jeew’s kitchen dhal is not limited to be consumed  with rice or bread. Perhaps, dhal is the only legume Sri Lankans use in adequate quantities frequently! 

Dhal is seldom recognized as a legume locally. We decided to give it a new value preposition with this easy to make dish. 

What you need..

1. 100g fish

2.  50g dhal

3. Some spinach

How you make it..

1. If you know how to make a regular dhal curry, that’s all you need to know. Try to go with less spices and salt since we will not have any starch item to accompany. Add some spinach leaves in the end and cook for less than 5 more mins.  

2. Heat a pan with coconut oil and add some garlic and clove. Cut fish in to small cubes and add them evenly on the pan. Cook for about 10 mins. 

3. Add it to the dhal curry and stir well. Add some lime.  

There you go. The simplest dish ever on #jeewskitchen!!