Nelum Ala – a great match for anything!

Hey guys,

This dish I did few weeks ago had gone missing from my library, until I found it today and decided to share it with you. Nelum Ala, is a versatile ingredient. It is tasty, nutritious with a lot of fibre and gives an appealing texture to your food plate!

There are some concerns about the contamination of water tanks with heavy metals and accumulation in Nelum ala. Until substantial research is available I decided not to discard this wonderful vegetable found everywhere in the country for a very cheap price. Besides, don’t we always eat veggies contaminated with massive amounts of pesticides and insecticides?


My combo for today is with chicken and carrots. The purity of Nelum ala makes it a great match with any meat item.

What you need..

  1. 150g Nelum ala
  2. 1 chicken leg
  3. 50g carrot

How you make it..

  1. Cleaning Nelum ala is bit tricky. You gotta clean it enough to get rid of the bitter tasting covering, but make sure you don’t cut in to tubes inside ( Perhaps another possible ‘Bena’ finding exercise). I haven’t done much to Nelum ala for this dish. Boil some water and leave them for about 10 mins max. Meantime, boil the carrots, better if you could steam!
  2. Making chicken this was is no strange business for my fans. So I’m leaving it for you..

DSC_7186Isn’t is so quick and easy? That’s what #jeewskitchen is all about! Arrange the plate that tubes are giving a glimpse of carrots beneath. Add some olive oil to get the glittery looks.. All set to go! Have fun with this healthy, great looking and tasty Sri Lankan dish..