Mung – Chicken Kottu

Hey fans, you know that Jeew’s kitchen likes legumes more than anything. This is a ridiculously easy to make and nutritious lunch recipe. Tested and guaranteed!

DSC_7470What you need..
1. Mung beans – 100g
2. Shredded chicken breast – 100g
3. Some spinach
4. 20g of peanuts 

How you make it…

1. Boil the mung beans in a pressure cooker – wait for 5 whistles (You want them well cooked)

2. Shred the chicken breast in to very small pieces. Marinate it with some pepper, cinnamon powder, mustered and salt for about 15 mins. (Longer the better). Heat a pan and add ‪#‎jeewskitchen‬‘s trusted coconut oil (I use extra virgin, but nowadays virginity doesn’t matter much :p) Add few chopped cloves of garlic and onions, let it cook till they get golden in colour. Add the chicken with the marinate on to the pan and cook well in medium heat for 10 mins. Add chilly if you wish to get spicy!

3. Now get the boiled mung beans, drain them well and add to the same pan. Add one tea spoon of butter to enhance the taste. Cook it covered about 5 mins. When you are about to take it off, add the spinach (don’t cut, just leave the leaves as they are) and 20g of peanuts. Cook for less than 2 mins. Splash a tinge of lime..

DSC_7469Now you are all set to go. This is a great dish to take to your workplace. And of course to share with your buddies!

Tell me know their feedback, #jeewskitchen just loves to hear your story and see your snaps! Good luck..


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